Stained glass making
Organizations and Information
 Stained Glass Assoc. of America sells magazine and 816 pg technical/reference manual
 Art Glass Suppliers Association some history and contact info
 International Guild of Glass Artists hosts e-zine and mailing list: Bungi (send blank message with "subscribe" as subject) newsgroup
 Society for Glass Science and Practices
 Art Glass World bulletin board
Chats: SGEmporium

Supplies (number of glass brands)
((among glass choice: Selection WC>AGS>AiSG, Price WC<AiSG<AGS, Ship AiSG=AGS<WC))
((i.e. start with AiSG, AGS for choice, WC maybe for bulk))
 A&A Products (4) and retail supplies (looks like good price/choice/UPS)
 Art Glass Source (6) and retail supplies ((choice 12x16 shp ups $6/10#))
 Anything in Stained Glass (3) and retail supplies ((choice 12x12 shp ups $6/10#))
 Arrowhead Stained Glass Tool & Supply (1) retail supplies and Spectrum (somewhat expensive)
 Bradley Base Products lamp bases
 Casanova Stained Glass (2) and retail supplies
 Cathedral Stained Glass (2) retail Kokomo and Spectrum
 Creative Castings metal castings
 D& L Stained Glass Supply wholesale supplies distributor, extensive supply
 Delphi Stained Glass (7) and retail supplies ((secondary choice 12x16))
 Glass Crafters (1) Spectrum and retail supplies
 Hee Sun retail supplies
 Internet Stained Glass Supply retail supplies and glass via downloaded catalogue
 KHUE.COM retail supplies
 Jana's Stained Glass (10) retail several glasses (need to email or phone orders)
 Matrix Screen Printing brass filigrees and screen printed glass
 Mika International bevels and supplies
 Morton Glass Works tools
 Nickates or AbbeyGlass (3) and retail supplies
 The Plumbing Store solder and lead
 Stained Glass Emporium Home retail supplies
 Stained Glass Warehouse (6) and retail supplies ((secondary choice 10x12))
 Stained Glass Web-Mart retail supplies
 Stained Glass Unlimited retail supplies
 Stallings Stained Glass (2) and retail supplies
 Sunshine Glass (2) and retail supplies
 Warner-Crivellaro Stained Glass, Inc. (7) and retail supplies ((choice 16x20 shp$11/$50))
 Whittemore-Durgin (2) and retail supplies
 Armstrong Glass Company
 Blenko Art Glass Company
 Bullseye Glass Company
 Chicago Art Glass
 Glashuette Lamberts (German)
 HiGlass (Australian)
 Kokomo Glass Company
 Spectrum Glass Company
 Uroboros Fine Art Glass
 Wissmach Glass Company
 Youghiogheny Opalescent Glass Co., Inc.
 Inland Craft Products, Inc
 Diamond Tech International

 Free Stained Glass Patterns on the Web (list)
 Aanraku Stained Glass Free Patterns (8)
 Art Glass World Free Patterns (11)
 Alpine Stained Glass & Door - Specials and Promotion (7) with free pattern of the month and archives
 Baxglass Designs (9) suncatchers
 Carmens Glass- (4)
 Bunny and Ted's Craft Cave (20) free pattern of month,
 Cole Brothers (30) pattern index (no thumbs)
 Deskins (several)
 Dodge Studio Designs with free pattern of the month, tips sections after sales
 Dragonfly Software free pattern program with free patterns
 Dragons Lair (8) lamps and nightlights
 Glass Place, The join for monthly freebies (under restructuring)
 Glass Classics (153) pdf format (7) books w/ a few free samples
 Glass Patterns Quarterly
 Jana's Stained Glass Free Patterns (4)
 Kinuko Laskey Stained Glass (6) tutorial w/ a few free patterns
 Meredith Stained Glass Center (9) free pattern each month
 Pattern of the Month Club (2) join club for more
 Patterns Your Way fill survey for free pattern a month
 SGB studio (2) free sample pattern from design of month club
 Silver Bough Designs (4) calla windows
 Spectrum Pattern Archives (several) most repeating Glass Classics
 Stained Glass Biz (5) some large patterns
 Stained Glass Designs patterns with designer program ("Pattern Wizard") download and links
 Stained Glass Exchange (84) without thumbs (13) patterns and link to demo Resizer program
 Stained Glass Patterns (several w/o thumbs)
 Stained Glass Supplies - Free Patterns (5)
 Stained Glass Warehouse with free pattern of the month
 Stained Glass Workshop (1) free pattern of the month
 Stepping Stone Patterns ($15 copying fee)
 Suzanne Cooper (1) free pattern from time to time
 UK Stained Glass News Magazine (1)free pattern every few weeks
 The Vinery with free pattern of the month
 Warner-Crivellaro Stained Glass, Inc. (133)
 Connected Lines pattern making software
 Dragonfly Software Glass Eye pattern making software, and free internet program

 Looksmart categories
 Diamond Tech International links before books list
 Dragonfly Software Stained Glass links page
 Catch the Light links page (good list)
 Stained Glass Webring
 Suzanne Cooper
 How to do Stained Glass
 Mike's Stained Glass - Instruction excellent broad coverage via links
 Stained Glass Archive
 Bungi mailing list archives
 The Next Step - Stained Glass Stepping Stones