Shroom links
My backyard Meripilus looked much like this (made a good soup).

Penn state  Penn State Mushroom Spawn Laboratory Home Page some fact sheets and Specialty Mushrooms sheet, links
WWW virtual libraryfungi page, mushroom links
3-D fungipics
Fungi Perfecti -
MykoWeb - includes articles(including cultivation), recipes, links, clublist, photoguidew/ descr
Fungi Fest - some articles, merchandise, festival list, recipes
Gourmet Mushrooms - some kits, merchandise, morel habitat kits, medicinal bibliography and some readings
Freyburger's Southwest Mushrooms site, collecting/eating tips, decent list of edibles, recipes (many links)
Morel Mania - morel focus, has cute merchandise incl shroom sticks
Wildman Steve Brill- tidbits on a few shrooms w/ recipes
Tom Volk's Fungi Page - incl mushroom of the month (x3 years)
Colorado mycol societypg w/ recipes and newsletter (nb brief cultivation articles)
Ralph's Finest Fungi Fancier File - with rules, guidebookrecs
Southern Appalachian Mushrooms - good collection of pics
Duke's "fieldguide" pics
Fungi-photos - shroom-art by Taylor Lockwood
Reishi info/studies; qv Reishi homepage - article reprints, info Mycologynewsgroup archives and current.
Alt.nature.mushrooms browsable link
Gourmet Mushroom board (not very active)
Mushrooms andMycology (moving here)Yahoo Groups

Common nameslist
Taxonomic changes in Arora's _Demystified_
Edible Mycorrhizals list
Medicinal Mushrooms book/article list
Bibliography of medicinal shroom articles

Cultivation articles:
Fanaticus - oriented for magic shrooms but may provide some useful ideas
Mushrooms in the Garden at MykoWeb
Peroxide method - commercial, search for discussions
Oyster mushroom straw culture directions
Oysters in straw - mini-class, maybe copy for records
Photo-illustrationof a Pleurotus operation
Newspaper oysters at alt.nature.mushrooms
Tabletop mushroom cultivation (homemade agar, grain, sawdust)
Morel cultivation - fairly technical
Morel bed - rough and dirty
Shiitake tipsfrom Ohio extension
Shiitake tipsfrom Vt extension, incl referrences
Some spawn medium recipes eg grain spawn
Specialty mushrooms article - covers many types individually, good
Specialty mushrooms at Penn State - talks about std cultivation for several individual types
A Simplified Overview of Mushroom Cultivation Strategies at Fungi Perfecti
Spawn culture with list of fruiting temps at Fungi Perfecti (moved, can't find new link)
Article at SOMA listing stats/parameters of various

Recipe collections:
Fungi Perfecti's recipes - nb Mushroom Gravy with Noodles
Mushroom Council recipes, looks fairly extensive
Mykoweb's recipesincludes links to sites with multiple other recipes
Robert's Wild Mushroom Cookbook. many
Preservation discussion, canning in oil,
Directory of mainly mushroom recipes, incl cream of shroom soup.
Internet Chef search for mushroom ingredient (694)

Links Pages:
MykoWeb - hugemongous
WWW VL shrooms
Mycological Society of America links page
NAMA links

Stamets:  Growing Gourmet & Medicinal Mushrooms
Arora: Mushrooms Demystified
Phillips: Mushrooms of North America
Bessette/Fischer: Mushrooms of the NE United states, Edible Wild Shrooms of NA

Fungi perfecti - multiple (qv outdoor), dowels$13/100, online shopping link, qv

Mushroom adventures- Variety (oyster, shii, mai, hericium, reishi) $22/50 +$1.75 s/h
individual $4.75/10 +$.75 s/h

Territorial Seed
Lentinula $10.75/100

The Farm (moved, can't find new site)
Lentinula $19/300 (spawn starter kit includes wax)

MycoMart - nb variety kits (3 bags, $25 +$5 s/h) (can't re-find site)
Lentinula $35/750

Mycosource - sawdust plug sheets $19/250
Lentinula, Grifola, Pleurotus, Ganoderma

Wylie Mycologicals - $25/bag
Lentinula, Pleurotus, Hypsizygus x2, Flammulina, Stropharia, Morachella, Ganoderma, Grifola, Lepista, Calvatia kit, Corpinus kit, couple others