Catalogue of Catalogues - awesome resource, snailmail addresses and/or weblinks
Garden fairy - links to suppliers
GardenWeb - big lists
GardenNet - with big categorized lists of suppliers, beekeeping and shade gardening forums - links to variety of edibles incl rare/unusual

Info: - information/useage
Plants for a future - awesome list about culture and use of edible/useful plants, search page
Pure Land Ethnobotanicals - products and some seeds
Himalaya Drug Company - info on lots of herbs and useage - info on herbs and balsams, index at /botanical/mgmh/.
Gothic Gardening - info for Goth gardens
Shade Gardening info - 1, 2,
Green Web butterflies, bees, shade forums
NCSU Bee Forage list - incl groundcovers
Ohio State Bee forage list

Out of Africa - Caudiciform African plants
Great Petaluna Desert - more desert/caudiciform plants
Silverhill Seeds - South African plant company
Arid Lands - mega succulents selection

Adriance Farm and Flower - good variety of herbs, including Isatis
Avant Gardens - good variety
B & T World - claim to massive selection, requires $30 viewer - They have it all!!!?
Banana Tree - exotics/unusuals (not just bananas), good variety - Baobabs and other exotics; chocolate
Chiltern Seeds - huge variety, some rare
Collectors' Nursery - decent variety, collector’s stuff?
Fruit Lover's Nursery - rare trees, hardwoods and ethnobotanicals; chocolate, coffee...
Garden Import - occasional interesting varieties, not huge selection
Glasshouse Works - great variety, including Chocolate
HeronsWood - good variety
Hortico Nurseries - 550 roses, incl old-type, good perrenials variety myrrh/frankinsence, expensive
JohnnySeeds - decent selection of general herbs
Logees Greenhouses - decent variety, some interesting stuff
Madeline's e-trees - endangered hardwood plants, maybe Nichols Garden Nursery - herbs and "rare seeds"
Oregon Exotics - weird foodstuffs, $4 catalogue
Pacific Coast Tropical Gardens - tropical/exotic plants, trees, shrubs, good edibles section
Richter's - cool variety, incl cohosh, one of my favorites
Rocky Mtn Rare Plants - rare alpine, decent variety - exotic fruit/nuts, variety but not large selection, Moringa tree, bee page.
Seeds of Change - organic seeds/plants
Theatricum Botancum - rare plants, decent variety incl coffee, passifloras
Thimble Farms - "the rare plant specialist"
Thompson & Morgan - good variety, flowers and some oddities
Tradewinds - rare and exotics; cinnamon, coffees, good variety
Weird Dude's Plant Zoo - good variety, oddities

Ethnobotanical Resources - ethnobotanicals, incl cinnamon, coffees; big list
TAC ethnobotanicals - hard to acquire seeds, incl evodia, salvia divinorum, poppies

For my bees/woods:
Addison Gardens - incl cohosh
Apple Creek Farm - bee page - commercial, incl vitex
Cusheon Creek Nursery - good selection of tree/shrubs incl Evodia d., expensive
Elk Mountain - incl cohosh ($5), 7-son
Forest Farm incl honey-plants search (tulepo, et al, et al)
Herb Cottage - commercial, flags bee-friendly plants
Herons Wood - commercial, shade
JDS gardens - commercial, good selection, incl cohosh
Naylor Creek - commercial, shade, decent selection (and pulmonarias, tiarellas)
Quansett Nurseries - commercial, incl vitex
Rain Gardens bee page - commercial, incl cohosh
Rice Creek Gardens - shade plants page, pretty good selection
Sandeman Seeds - includes Eleuthero, Evodia x3, huge selection, european
Scott Brothers Nursery - local, incl cohosh
Shady Hills - incl cohosh ($5)
Shady Oaks - shade plants incl pulmonarias, cohosh ($5)
Sun Farm - incl some rare and cohosh
Windy Creek Gardens - incl some rare varieties
Angelgrove Tree Seed Co. - decent selection
Perennial Gardens - search-based (no-browse?), seems to be decent selection, incl cohosh ($10), pulmonaria, tiarella
Munchkin Nursery - looks like decent selection, emphasis on woodland & native, incl cohosh ($7)
Borghese Gardens - variety medicinal, incl vitex and cohosh (seed 10/$2)

>From Catalogue^2

     P.O. Box 82
     Waynesboro PA 17268
     Phone: (717) 762-4312
     Comments: Cat. says scarce and unusual plants, also bonsai starts.
Only ship to CA, FL, OR, and WA during Dec
thru Feb. Plants only, no seeds. Nicely printed catalog, no pictures.
     Quality: Good
     Price: $$ - $$$
     Service: unknown
     Variety: Good

     46857 Ann Arbor Tr
     Plymouth,MI 48170
     Phone: (800) 331-7969 FAX (313) 459-2604
     Comments: Rare perennials & bulbs.Free
     Quality: unknown
     Price: unknown
     Service: unknown
     Variety: unknown

     9821 White Oak Ave.
     Northridge, CA 91325
     Phone: (818) 349-9798
     Comments: Free catalog. Rare & unusual cactus and succulents.
     Quality: Excellent
     Price: $$
     Service: unknown
     Variety: unknown

     P.O. Box 7273
     Lincoln Acres CA 92047
     Phone: (619) 267-1991
     Comments: Rare and exotic tropical plants, including an extensive
collection of Passiflora, both flowering and fruiting.
Also papaya, tree tomato, and pepino.
     Quality: unknown
     Price: unknown
     Service: unknown
     Variety: unknown

Commiphora molmol, mukul, myrrha, abyssinica
Boswellia Thurifera, caterii=sacra, ?serrata