Horn Links (newsgroups, gen info sites, mouthpieces, horns, music, other)

Horn Newsgroup - on Yahoo groups (good traffic)
French Horn Club - also Yahoo, smaller
French Horn World - MSN groups (more sparse)
rec.music.makers.french-horn newsgroup browsable via Google
HornList - subscription page, archives available to members
“We All Live in a Yellow Conn 8-D” - solos list, some links, info is defunct
International Horn Society classifieds, info, forum, mailing list, et al
Criteria for choosing a horn - article
Hornplayer.Net info archive from IHS list, free classifieds, section listings, et al
Thomas Bacon’s page – info, learning-goals by grade
Univ of Oklahoma page - articles by Dr Matlick, NB yahoo articles on buying horn 1 2 3 4.
Arizona State Univ - articles by John Ericson
Auburn Univ - includes technical clinic, horn bibl, and some free music
Osmun reference articles
Schilke writings - brass technique and exercises et al
Morsy’s Horn Page incl fingering chart, info
Ron Boerger’s Homepage – good FAQ, new-horn tips
Julia Rose's Horn page - good FAQ, good links, notes from master classes
HarveyCor Tuning the Conn 8D
Southeast Horn Workshop - link errors on pg 1
Glen's HornWorld - some info, voice chat
CSC Horn Pages – rated links
French Hornist Webring - 122 sites
Libby & Louise's page Rated links page, very comprehensive
United Musical Instruments makers of Conn Horns, qv 8DR(S)
LeBlanc - makers of Holton Horns, qv 176MSB/276/HM2000MSB
Paxman – UK horns, cool pics
French Horn Resource page incl HornMart - horns and accessories links to music123.com, info center incl hand-guard plans; and Fun Page - chat et al
Horn Classifieds few entries
Music Masters horn section - limited but some used & decent price
Rayburn Musical Instruments horn section
Other online dealers: Brass Arts Unlimited, Dillon Music, Oberloh, Osmun (stocks red brass), Patterson Hornworks, Witchita Band, ProWinds, MusiciansBuy, Kessler, MidWest Music Center, Gordon/LaSalle, Harknett, Best Music,

Ericson article, Matlick article, Bach discussn of parameters & article,
Osmun retail selections (Alexander, Bach, Tilz, Schmid, Giardinelli-2,Halsted-2, Holton, Lawson-2, DeRosa, Paxman-2, Pizka-none, Stork's, Thompson, Yamaha (lacking some customs))
Mouthpiece Express retail selections, info, (Bach, Curry, Wick, Marcin, Schilke, Stork, Yamaha)
Music123 retail selections (Bach, Blessing, Faxx, UMI, Holton, Giardinelli 1+2, Wick, Yamaha, Atkinson, Stork)
HornMart retail selections (Holton, Yamaha, Josef Klier, Marcinkiewicz, Bach, Wick, Schilke, UMI, Stork, Faxx, Giardinelli, Atkinson)
BrassArts retail selections (Bach, Giard, Holton, Schilke, UMI, Yamaha ?$36 ea; Lawson)
HoustonBand retail brands (Bach, Benge, Giard 1+2, Holton, Stork)
Bach/Selmer - 10? descriptions ($29 at music123)
Stork - custom mpcs (3 flavors) descriptions, rounded is CW (recs: CM-12, pref M6, $36/45 at mpc express)
Schilke - catalogue, info, 9 descriptions (recs: 27, 30B, $30 at mpc express)
Yamaha - info, equivalents, 16+2 ($30 via mpc express, pref 30D4 or $65 30/1-GP)
UMI - 8 descriptions (pdf, $32 at Music123, pref 2 or 6G?)
Holton - 6 descriptions (pdf, $28 at Music123, pref MDC or MC)
Marcinkiewicz - 7 parameters/comparisons ($33 via mpc express, pref 7-11, home)
Denis Wick - 6 descriptions ($36 via mpc express, pref 5N)
Curry - 6 parameters ($45 via mpc express, pref 7F, home)
Greg Black - 5 mpcs (B, $75)
Perantucci - 5 mpcs ($50)
Giardinelli - 1 & 2 piece, info, (parent site under constructn)
Atkinson - 2 piece, 11 flavors
Moosewood - 2 piece, selection tips (recs: A11, B12, RB12; $100)
Lawson - 2 piece (recs: S660 with P10G695 rim, $170)
Paxman/PHC - 2 piece, nb forum w/ extensive discussion, (home also sells Alexander, Wick, Bach, Schmid, Schilke) ($75 at Osmun)
David Thompson - 2 piece (3 cups; $62)
Warburton - 2 piece ($160)
Candidates: Yamaha 30D4/30GP, Paxman 22(?a?heavy)+AN(/?US-2), Stork M4-6/?CM-12, Schilke 30B, Holton MDC(?diam), Bach 10/11?, Curry 7F? (prefer relatively slim rim for control>comfort qv Paxman ranges 3.8-4.5, diam ?17-17.5, relatively deep double-cup else V-cup, narrowish bore ok ?4.5-5.0)
Cup Diameters:
Bach diameter 16.1-17.6; Stork 16.7, 17, 17-18; Schilke 15.25-17.83; Yamaha 16.9-17.7; Holton 16.21-17.07; Marcin 17.42-17.91; Wick 17-18; Curry 16.5-17.5; Black 17.4-17.75; Perant 17.7-18.4; Giard 17.5; Atkinson 17-17.4; Moose 17.15-18; Paxman 17-18.5; Thompson 16.8
Bore/Throat: #1=5.8, #8=5.1; #16=4.5
Stork #1-8/15; Yamaha 3.9-4.5; Holton 4.32-5.23; Marcin 4.7-5.8; Wick 4.46-4.7; Curry 4.5-5.1; Black #4-#16; Perant 4.3-4.7; Giard 4.4-5.75; Atkinson #1-#16; Moose #2-#14; Paxman 4-5.2; Thompson 4.4-5.2; Warburton #1-#17

Bach lever buttons

Frazier Horn Choir - 53 nice MP3's
Hunting horn music (notes and MP3)
HornMidi.com - Midi's of horn accompaniment, lots, links to sheet music sales and CDs where known

Sheet Music:
General Links: Ariav's links page; Broeger's links; FreeSheetMusicGuide; FreeSheetMusic.net (big); Free-Scores; AnyScore; FindFreeSheetMusic; Sheet Music Publishers' catalogues (huge but mainly non-free)
ThompsonEdition - music and accessories, NB Orchestral Audition Repertoire (1000 pgs/82pcs, $90)
Canadian Brass - good selection, music and music+CD
Encore music catalogue – sells music and horns
Curriculum at Mt St. Joseph
Robert King Music - 28,000 brass pieces, 250 for horn studies
StagePass - many books of sheet music incl horn (Brass/horn and Xmas/horn)
HornSpot – specialize in sheet music for horn, good info
Hickey's Music Center - good selection of books/music, accessories
McCoy's Horn Library - music focusing on horn (and some alphorn)
TimberRidge Music - horn (& brass) sheet music
Trombacor - brass music including horn parts/solos
EarFloss - horn section sheet music (method books same as Spot and Encore)
Southern Music Company - horn music section, Israel Brass publications
Music Edition - sheet music for horn (Germany, price in euros)
Manduca Music - some horn music
Tap Music - 20 pieces of horn sheet music, qv CD offerings
Net4Music - by instrument/horn, downloadable
Sheet Music Plus – sheet music et al, can search for french horn
SheetMusicNow - by "communities"
Sibelius Music - Scorch-mode scores, some free
SheetMusicArchive - good selection though emphasis on piano
VirtualSheetMusic - $40 membership grants access to download archives
MusicaViva - Free sheet music for horn
Danilkin - some free sheet music for horn
French site (in English) with free sheet music including horn, +midi's
MFiles - free sheet music including some horn parts
MusicStudents.com - pieces transposed to instrument/key of choice
MusicScores - free sheet music, not many horn parts (more w/ membership)
MuTopia - free sheet music, only about 10 pieces for horn
Brass Bands free sheet music for brass, incl some horn pieces
DT Music - free brass music, decent selection
Bednarek - several free scores, not specifically horn

Empire Brass - buy sheet music to play along w/ your favorite CD :)
BL Music - music + CD accompaniment for horn, also LaBerge w/ samples

CD recs/lists:
Google threads 1 2 3 4
Yahoo posts/threads 1 2 3 4
Auburn prof list
Paxman offerings
Tap Music offerings
Tower Records >1k french horn matches
HornMart offerings

Hand guards
http://www.frhorn.com nb do-it-yourself hand-guard, also fingering chart
http://www.clebschstrap.com a purchaseable hand-guard / hand strap ($45)

Transposer cutout

Knoxville contact: Calvin Smith @ UTK
Candidate Horns
Conn 8D, 11D (?R, S)
Yamaha 668 (?N, D)
Holton Merkermatic 176MSB (if valves not too loud)
?H. Wolf (haven't heard anything about them), qv music masters
?Reynolds - no longer being made
King 2270 - nickel, non-detatchable

Knoxville Dealer:

French Horn World – *defunct* social site incl chat, board, et al
Horn Chat - *defunct* not supported on all browsers, IHS hangout
Band Page resources *defunct* resources for horn – categorized links

Transposition notes into F (never had to do it before)
C: Flute, Oboe, bass-cleff instruments
   transpose the part down 5/2 = P4, or up 7/2 = P5
   Go one key sharper
Eb: Alto Sax, Baritone Sax
   transpose the part down 2/2 = M2, or up 10/2 = m7 or a6
   Go two keys flatter
Bb: Trumpet, Clarinet, Tenor Sax
   transpose the part down 7/2 = P5, or up 5/2 = P4
   Go one key flatter

Il est ne, le divin enfant - scorch score for brass quintet
18 carols - scorch for clarinet duet, incl once in royal, in excelcius