Composting and Composting Toilets
Humanure Handbook - online book, good treatment of subject, leans towards sawdust toilets
Composting Toilet systems - excerpt of Oikos book
Phoenix system - central bin connected to various inputs
Clivus Multrum -
City Farmer - test and experiences

Constructed wetlands article.

Green building - green building info and resources - green building with links, eg HVAC/geothermal.
NAHB articles. resource directory. - kentucky page and KY Sun page. with link to 'words for the wise' - page on various alternative materials

HVAC and Geothermal HVAClinks, also lots of other links for general building and pet peeves
Geothermal Energy Association - GEA.
Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium - GHPC. - unexplored
Geo Heat Center - vendor directory, unexplored
Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute - ARI.
Alliant Energy Geothermal - Minnesota company: fact sheet page, links.
American Geothermal - DX geothermal manufacturer (10-20% more efficient, and $1-2k cheaper) HVAC sizing for concrete homes software, other green issues/articles
Florheat - snap-together thermal mass / tubing modules, avoids concrete/reinforcement
Climatec - article on benefits of radiant floor - forum thread on radiant flooring, says concrete best cost/benefit is with 4" slab
Wirsbo (tubing manufacturer) archived article on experience of radiant floors
Radiant floor company - has various info incl sample price estimates, paragraph on cooling uses open system
ECRTech - geothermal (DX?), in combo with radiant
Oikos waterheater/radiant floor combo

Renewable energy
EERE government site with lots of info, solar page resource list.
Solar primer pdf
Ntl Renewable Energy Lab
solar page
El Paso Solar Energy Association - EPSEA has comprehensive solar info
Ky Solar partnership - will have links to incentives and various information, will move here.

ICF's - ICF industry site w/ limited info, and forum w/ thread on radiant flooring. - has forum, articles, house vs boulder, manufacturers (though most reviews from 2001)
Installation manual for Nadura ICF's.
Perform wall panel system - manufacturer, green specs mentioned, concrete grid rather than sheet

Thermapan - page claiming superiority over ICF (half price vs icf, thinner for same stated R, no problem hanging heavy, entire envelope) - notes ICF lacks roof provision or gables, can use ICF walls and SIP gables/roof

Taunton press article
Safecrete company, stated R=11.5, performance R=30 (vs ICF 22/50)

Air floor thread on SIPweb forum - not good for multi-story

EVHA award - category for custom home