Ceramic Tile for floors: Slate/stone appearance, not doing the browns/beiges so much, (#1/#2 sfc m-r for wear/moh's slip(if <.6 will assume slip resistant) frost commercial variability)

Mohawk. (visualizer does carpet, not tile).
Floor patterns (no visualization)
Fossil: 4/8sfc-m; nb Verde, colorbody
Medano II: 4/8-m; nb Verde, ceramic
Monticino: 4/8sfc-®; nb Noce, porcelain, cool heterogeniety ®
Etrusco: 4/6-m; nb Ocean, ceramic, decent border tiles
Gotica: 4/7s.6-®; nb Cobalto > Cobre, ceramic, cool heterogeniety, terra-cotta appearance, decent borders
Quarry Stone: 3/8f-h; nb Slate > Forest, porcelain, leaf borders
Trapani: 4/8sfc-h; nb Charcoal > Noce, porcelain
Terrabella: 4/8sfc-®; nb Slate/Ember, Moss/Russet, Graphite/Copper,porcelain, cool heterogeniety (maybe mix all), good stone appearance
Montara: 4/8sfc-®; nb Sage Brush, Red Rock, porcelain, decent heterogeniety, decent stone appearance
Metal accents: nb Scrolling Leaf, bronze > pewter

Shaw. fairly full info on each page, can view sample room in dif colors
Tuscan Slate: 4/6s-h; nb 500, 400, 300, ceramic (darker pic)
Nation: 3/7-m; nb 300 (greenish), ceramic, low wear rating
Baja: 5/9sf-h; nb 400, way expensive, porcelain
Loft: 5/8sf-m; nb 400, way expensive, rectangular, porcelain
Phoenix: 4/7-®; nb 900, ceramic
Everest: 4/6sf-m; nb 900, porcelain
Jakarta: 5/9sf-m; nb 300, porcelain
Rock: 4/6-m; nb 300, ceramic
Sarasota: 4/5-m; nb 300, ceramic, soft
Sorgo: 5/6f-h; nb 400, 500, ceramic, fairly expensive

Mannington. stats aren't apparent, has 'decorate a room' feature on each page and here. (in general look like decent level of mottling)
Abruzzo: nb Mineral Grey
Arno: nb Patina Green
Artistica: nb Patina Green, good heterogeniety/stone appearance
Botticelli: nb Patina Green
Calabria: nb Mineral Grey, maybe Autumn beige
Donatello: nb Persian Blue, Patina Green
Entreves: nb Silver Pine
Garda: nb Pine Cone, maybe Walnut, good heterogeniety
Lipari: nb Patina Green, maybe Venitian Grey
Masseria: nb Silver Pine
Opera: nb Persian Blue, maybe Patina Green
Ravenna: nb Moss Green
Teatro: nb Walnut

Marazzi. hard to judge less hetero ones based on web site, stats not very precise, random applies to color but maybe not imprint (qv etrusca pic)
Aida: 4/7fc-m; nb brown, ceramic, decent accent/border
Casali: 4/7fc-m; nb Cascina, Masseria, ceramic
Colorado Stone: 4/7fc-®; nb Mesa Verde, maybe Red Rock, ceramic, good heterogeneity
Corti Antiche: 4/7fc-®?; nb maybe Corteolona, ceramic
Etrusca: 5/7s.6fc-®; nb Saturnia, Gubbio (commercial rating), ceramic
Imperial Slate: 4/7s.6fc-®; nb Imperial Rust, ceramic
Solaris: 4/7s.6fc-®; nb Nutmeg, ceramic
Territory: 4/7fc-®; nb RainForest, ceramic
African Slate: 4/8s.6fc-®; nb Seyschelles, Kenya, Congo
Jade: 4/7s.6fc-®; all, cool heterogeniety/stony appearance
Le Pietre: 5/7s.6fc-®; nb Basalto, (Technica = unglazed, some other ok ones in this group)

DalTile. these 3 have good stone appearance in general, stats listed
Visualization tool, fairly flexible though wouldn't give me a final product
Tile Patterns (looks same as Mohawk but more variety)
Villa Valleta: 4/8s.6f-®; esp Calais Springs, Indian Summer, Napa Gold
Serrano: 4/8s.6f-h; nb Cinder, Yucca, Coyote, Flint, good heterogeneity
Continental Slate: ?/9s.6f-®; nb Asian Black, Brazilian Green (?actual stone?)

Louisville Tile. distributes American Olean, Crossville, and Florida

Crossville Tile. some environmentally-friendly products, ok colors but not terribly stone-looking in general, unclear how random
CrossVision: visualization tool, with enlarge/save, way cool pattern possibilities
Stats page. for all styles (r's 100-125 for all of interest)
Aurora: ?/9s.6f; nb Meteor, Starburst
GeoStone: ?/9s.6f; nb Pine Barren, maybe Night Air, an semi-recycled product
Pompeii: ?/8s.6f; nb Apollo Bronze, Lava Brown
Mountain Stone: ?/9s.6f; nb Smokey, Blue Ridge, Ozark
Quartzite: ?/9s.6f; nb Black Multicolor, maybe Noce or Green
Weatherstone: ?/7s.6 (ups; xt moh-8 frost resist); nb Taupe Mist, WetStone, Midnite Storm

American Olean. has extra-large zoom but no room-visualizer, good stats (may need to go to this page before openning the rest directly), different wear scale (adjusted here)
Vallano: 4/7s.6-m; all (macadamia may be  too light though), leaf accent strip
Stonleigh: 4/8-m; nb Somerset Gold, Birmingham Brown, viny accent/borders
Maison Pave: 4/8s.6-®; all, esp Blue Gris, terra-cotta look
Sandy Ridge: ?/7-m; nb Rain
Highland Ridge: ?/9s.6-®; nb Autumn, Mountain, Evergreen, good stony look, funky version available
Pietre di Serre: 5/8s.6-®; nb Noce (good stone look although brown/beige)
Earthscapes: 4/9s.6-h; nb Rain Forest, Ocean, maybe Canyon (may be ledgy)
Calais: 5/8s.6-®; nb Royale Bleu
Monteleone: ?/8s.6-®; nb Piedre, Rojizo
Canyon Ridge: ?/8s.6-®; nb Spruce
African Slate: 4/8s.6-m; all, decent slate appearance
Bella Vista: 4/7-m; nb black, cool accents/borders
Mythos: 4/8s.6-m (unpolished, polished decreases hardness/wear); nb Aegean Green (more green than stone, but good surface?)
Metroplex: ?/9s.6-®; nb Patina, Umber

Florida Tile. some good stone appearance but a lot seem to be CoF .5wet, (probably easiest viewed in frames)
Appalachian Slate: 4/7.5-m; nb Autumn Green, Warm Summit
Basalto: 4/8-h; nb Green
Madiera: 4/6; nb Irongate
Maison: 5/7; nb Terracotta
Nottingham: 4/6; nb Verdant, Autumn, Burnt Amber
Premium Blend: 4/8s.6-m; nb Macchiato (good stone appearance)
Rock Springs: 4/6 (slippery); nb Lava, Palm
Solano: 3/6 (slippery); only one?, slippery
Tuscania: 4/6-h (slippery); nb Walnut, Verde
Vacanza: 4/6 (slippery); nb Volterra, Arezzo, slippery
Some others in the floor tile section, some look good but all on the slippery side (wCoF <=.5):
Caspian Nero, Verde; Excavare Chlorite, Charcoal; Geo several; Stonegate Greystone, River Rock with nice accents