BeeKeeping links (caveat: these are links that I found useful and how, my mind may not work like yours :)

BBS's/Chats/frequent visits
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Mid-Atlantic Apiculture good info, some plans
UGA BeeKeeping info page (DeLaPlane), fairly broad, including life cycle
Beginning Beekeeping for Kentuckians - detailed comprehensive beginner info with plans, retrogressing info, et al; very good
The Beehive with downloadable beginner and bee lit e-books
Tob-Bar Hives , KTBH and Small scale beekeeping - lots of plans and instruction
TBH's also at John's Notebook, Robert Talk
BeeTools basics - beginner info from Luckiamute Bee (with plans, bumbles, and other info)
Dave Cushman - beginning info/instruction, site ambitiously under construction, incl detailed frame assembly instructions - some beginner info, tai-chi beekeeping
George Imrie's pink pages- writings/speeches of a master beekeeper, more articles here, lots of info
Midnite Bee - tips and articles from Imrie et al
Glenn Apiaries good info on queen breeding and genetics
Apiservices some articles, links, list info, and good reference, cf hive products chapters
Carl Hayden Bee Research Lab GEARS: Beebook, WebBeePop, varroa-pop program, much more

Generally good pages
Al's Beekeeping Homepage info, supplies, links
Beekeeper's Reference metasite (good) - variety of categorized topics and links
Allen Dick's Alberta page, good links, info, links to discussion lists
P-O.'s Beekeeping Site - very visual, lots of description
BeeData Beekeeping Database Net Resource - trying to compile lots of links/info
U of Montana technobees
Small farm resource - beekeeping faqs
CABS - Austin Tx beekeeping group, beginner info, etc
CyberBeeNet some info, lots of links
New Zealand Beekeeping - some info, lots of references and links
Mabesoone Family Apiary - recipes, stuff for sale: videos, $260 software, etc pollination info and good beekeeping links page bee-friendly ISP $200/yr, $40/2y domain name
Beekeeper's home page a little info, some links, ok

Specific reference/topics
Honeybee Improvement Program - eugenics in queen rearing
Mite control:

Varroa life cycle - very good
Integrated Colony Management ; European research notes of international meetings, looks quite good
Drone-brood method
Oxalic acid - from Denmark (30g/L oxalate in water, 3-4cc/comb face sprayed), Additional Oxalic acid reports: 12
Powdered sugar - described here for detection, article in Am Bee Journal 6/00 re: treatment
Mineral Oil - article
Lactic acid - sounds like it works like powdered sugar, additional links: 12
Menthol-Canola - for TM 12
Pheromones - product add
Resistant stock: video streams, Carnolian TM resistance, Minnesota hygenic project
Bee tricks - article
Skeps: David Chubb in Cotswold,  Mike Reddy's Skep FAQ
Books list from
Apitherapy reference database, apitherapy and MS 12
Hunting Feral Bees by Wenner - free mite-resistant bees!  ;)
Hollow Tree Hive - interesting; might be neat to combine this with a top-bar ceiling or observation capability
Nuc useage good info on a topic I don't grasp fully
Open mesh floors: article, more as I find them again
Bee Forage:
The Other Side of Beekeeping ABJ bee forage column archives
Bee forage extension list for Ohio, Alabama, Georgia (at end), NClandscaping,
Forest Farm - Commercial site with LARGE honey-plant list
The Herb Cottage - Commercial site marking plants as attracting bees
Bidata win95 - trialware beekeeping database
GEARS public domain software
HandDBase from DDH, 25$ Palm-OS database
Queen/hive data spreadsheet originating with BIBBA I think
New Zealand AFB control manual

Bee Culture magazine archives
APIS issues/archives
Bee Tidings - U of Nebraska quarterly newsletter, also recipes from state fair
Apiculture News - UC Davis newsletter
The Basingstoke Beekeeper - largely quarterly newsletter news/discussion, links to Apis-L, Bee-L et al; Searchable Archive and logs here
Sci.Agriculture.Beekeeping newsgroup, browsable link, search link
Alt.Hobbies.Beekeeping newsgroup - less populated than Sci.Ag
Beekeeping forum at GardenWeb
Rec.crafts.meadmaking newsgroup, browsable link
Beekeeping and Apiculture archive - sci.agriculture.beekeeping and logs from Bee-L, et al's BBS
Honey Bee Growers Digest mailing list
BeeGadgets  - new list
Irish beekeeping - subscribe by sending mail here w/ blank subject/body; archives
Clan Apis - comic book
HiveChat #hbachat chat Tuesdays 9:30 and 21:30
Yahoo chat

Tn Beekeepers Association
Tn Apiary Registration card
Nashville Area Beekeepers Association
Backyard Beekeepers Association (BYBA) with link to organization search (from A.I.Root)
American Beekeeping Federation
Federation of Irish Beekeepers Association (FIBKA)
Bee Improvement and Bee Breeders Association (BIBBA)
International Bee Research Association (IBRA)
British Beekeepers Association (BBKA)
National Honey Board
Cooperative Extensions

List at
Dadant and Son's
Mid-Continent Agrimarketing has 1/8" hardware cloth
Swienty supplies
Bee bees (I), supplies (ct)
 Equinox Bee Studio, LTD. - bees (q: nwc, I), supplies, plans (ny)
 GloryBee Foods - supplies, hive products and supplies
 Mann Lake LTD. pretty catalogue
 S & F Honey Farm, INC. - fairly basic though has skeps, no pics
 Western Bee Supplies, INC. supplies
 Miller Bee Supply bees (I-pickup), supplies (nc)
 Brushy Mountain Bee Farm supplies, bees (I) (nc, ga, al)
 Draper's Super Bee Apiaries supplies, bees (I, Cc, B(q), St, M), info on hive products (ny)
 Lagrant's supplies, bees (ma)
 B. Weaver Apiaries, INC. bees (B, I+, H-!v) (tx)
 R. WEAVER APIARIES, INC. bees (I+, B), needs to tweak links (tx)
 Glenn Apiaries hygeinic and resistant bees (q: I-card,Cr, R; hyg) (ca)
 The Beez Neez Apiary Supply bees (I), supplies (incl soap & winemaking) (wa)
 Long Creek Apiaries bees (I) in eastern TN (email for prices)
 Strachan Apiaries bees (q: nwc, I) $12 (ca)
 Rossman Apiaries bees (I), cypress hives (ga)
 Koehnen & Sons bees (I, Cr-q), $8 (calif)
 Allen's bee ranch bees, calif

Recipes/other plans:
Beetools plans-solar melter, observation hive
Foundation mold preparation
Vortex escape board - looks neat but don't know if I'd ever use it with TBH
Beeswax petroleum jelly - used to keep hive parts from getting stuck with propolis
(in a couple years I'll try to devise a hand lotion based on wax, propolis, and/or honey; if you know one, feel free to mail me)
Honey pop: ;
Honey Christmas IceCream:
Honey soap:, general soap instructions
Propolis tincture (1:2 propolis/etoh ratio for non-sat)
Skin cream from sci.agriculture.beekeeping
Search at - 443 results
Sue Bee and other various food:
Dave's Mead book
Mead Brewing Archive
The Mead Maker's Page with good links, cf archive , Mead Lovers Digest

Links - metasite boasts 1000 links, good organization, might crash netscape
Beekeeper's Reference metasite (good)
Beekeeper's Home page long list
Beekeeping in New Zealand best for its good links list
International Bee Research Association big list with reference section
Iowa State Beekeeping links

very large observation hive: Photos/photo.htm
ICQ beekeeping:

For supplies for my TBH:
hardware cloth: 1/8": 30" x $3/foot